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Re: Rant (was Re: X Window : Newbie)

On Thursday 20 March 2003 00:55, Joerg Johannes wrote:


> You're right. But still it is non-intuitive that a regular user has not
> the rights to "startx" by default. man "XF86Config" and "man startx"
> won't tell you how to allow it to a normal user.

Is this so?   If I type 'startx' as me (non-root) then X won't start unless I 
go change some permissions?  (presumably, having opened a console window from 
the X login and gone su root to do so)

(I ask this because RedHat which I'm currently using does allow it by 
default.   And I'm a *very* newbie since I just tried installing Debian, 
failed to quite get it working, and am back in RH while I plan my next 


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