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Re: ignore the spam. don't reply to it.

On Wed, 19 Mar 2003, Vineet Kumar wrote:

> The proper thing to do is silently ignore such messages.

i think the proper thing is to "bounce" the spam .. and dont even
receive it in your "spam folders"
	- if you bounce it, the sending servers get filled up
	with their own spam

	- 95% or more of the spams they try to send just bounces
	( the balance of spam just needs filter tweeking, no time for it

	( too bad sendmail creates a log of it bouncing ... 
	( but oh well, small price to pay

if you receive the spam in your inbox, its now a confirmed/valid email
addy and they will add you to other "known-to-be-good" spam lists

-- ie.. put your spam filters on the incoming MTA servers

c ya

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