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Re: Help: postfix confusion

Am Mon, 2003-03-17 um 14.56 schrieb counterattack_@eml.cc:
> Hello, please reply directly to me since I'm not on
> the list and won't be until I can use my ordinary
> email address.
> I use a dialup machine, and KMail as my mail client.
> When sending mail, I use the `sendmail' command
> provided by postfix.  But like sendmail it tries to
> send mail directly using mylogin@debian, where debian
> is my hostname.  I can't get it to force a send as
> "jamesbuch@iprimus.com.au" like I could do with sendmail
> using sendmail -f jamesbuch@iprimus.com.au.
> How can I get postfix to set "from" correctly?

Did you try a "dpkg-reconfigure postfix" already?


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