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Re: How do I get the install disks to recognize my network?

John Fisher wrote:
> Good afternoon. I am having a problem installing Debian (my first
> install of any Linux, actually) and was hoping someone might be able
> to render assistance.

Don't hesitate to ask questions.

> Due to lack of funds and lack of access to CD-burner, I was hoping
> to use the Floppies / net install option to install to my new comp (
> Intel D845GBV moterboard with onboard LAN ).

Installing off of the network is the way most of us install Debian.
It offers the latest packages with the least amount of work.  However,
most of us do start with CD#1 just to bootstrap.

> Seems to be working up until the installation of base system, where
> there is no 'Network' option. No prob, I figure, so I go to
> configure modules and find whatever one I'll need so it can use my
> onboard ethernet info.

There is a lot of good documentation in general here:


Perhaps this guide might furnish some help.


Basically if you are not getting a network installation option then
you have not installed the networking modules.  There is no
autodetection (yet) in Debian.  You have to know what hardware you
have and you have to select it all manually.  That means networking,
video and sound.

When you are at the installation screen you can ALT-F2 to get to other
virtual terminals.  There you will be in a tiny-shell.  Not a real
shell but a tiny install shell.  Run 'cat /proc/pci' and post what you
see there.  Actually, we don't need to see it all.  Just the important
stuff about which network card you have.  Then make sure you select
that driver.  ALT-F1 to get back to the installation screen and select
the appropriate driver for your network car.  When the networking is
up you will be able to install using the network using an http option.

If you can get a KNOPPIX single cd system disk then you can boot that,
let it autodetect everything, then record the configurations that it
used.  Then go back and install Debian using that information.  The
three things you are looking for are video, sound and network.



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