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Re: Exim error

On Sat, Mar 01, 2003 at 01:49:07PM -0600, Will Trillich wrote:

| i get lots of those frozen puppies too, but they're almost ALL
| due to spam attempts (reply-to or envelope sender are munged to
| prevent us from figuring out who sent them so they can't bounce
| properly)...

I see these from time to time.  It occurs when exim accepted the
message during the SMTP session but a system filter fails the
delivery.  These settings in my exim.conf cause those stuck bounces to
vanish after a while :

# try resending after 15 minutes
auto_thaw = 15m
# if can't send after 8 days, cancel and notify sender
timeout_frozen_after = 8d
# failling bounce messages are discarded after this much time in the queue
ignore_bounce_errors_after = 2d


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