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Re: gimp & gimp print

On Tuesday 11 March 2003 05:44 am, Dave Selby wrote:
> I have installed gimp print & CUPS to use my epson stylus C60 printer.
> They work fine and I can print at different resolutions & colours.
> I have now started using gimp quite heavily. When I print from gimp my
> epson is not on the list of supported printers. I have to select
> postscript level 2, and modify the command executed to
> lpr -PepsonC60_photo
> to make it print, having setup epsonC60_photo via cups as a photoquality
> mode.
> However to change resolution or media type I have to keep going into CUPS
> and modifying the printed setup for epsonC60_photo.

The Gimp print dialog box allows me to choose any of my printers that I have 
set up with Cups. I can choose media size & do some color adjustments etc. 
but it seems the resolution & media type are set by Cups for the printer.

> I have dpkg-reconfigure gimp1.2 in the hope it will pick up the later
> added gimp print but to no avail.
> Has this gotsomething to do with a "PPD" file, is this a printer driver
> file ? Failing this is there some other way to get gimp to see what is
> avalible via CUPS ?
> Any ideas
> Dave

I am just begining to work with Cups but so far I can see no way to change 
some printer driver settings outside of the Cups interface of Kprinter 
(KDE). The closesest I have come is to change them with Kprinter but this 
works only for apps that use Krinter for printing, afaik mostly the KDE 
Greg Madden

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