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Re: Ext3

Metnetsky <deb@uberstats.com> writes:

> I'm trying to install Debian, and was wondering how to use the ext3
> File-System as opposed to ext2?  The installer defaults me into cfdisk
> which only has ext2/swap as far as I can see.  Suggestions?  Oh yeah,
> I'm using the Debian-30r1 for i386 gotten a few days ago from a Debian
> mirror.  Thanks in advance,

If the installer doesn't select the 2.4 kernel automatically, start
with bf24 at the boot prompt. Then use cfdisk to partition your disks
(use the "linux" type for data and swap for...swap :-), don't bother
now for the choice of filesystem). Afterwards you initialize swap, and
then you initialize linux partitions, and there you choose between
ext3, ext2, or reizer. 

Note that the 2.2 kernel only supports ext2, so if you don't see the
ext3 choice, that's because you booted with a 2.2 kernel.


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