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Re: Bad Debian (L.A.H.)

On Sunday 09 March 2003 7:45 pm, Monte Milanuk wrote:
> Does the Debian method work?  Obviously, yes.  Is it perfect?  Probably
> not.  Is it better or worse than SuSE or RedHat, I think that's a
> personal preference.  For those of you who seem to take such offense to
> the notion, here's the email addresses listed in the book for the authors:
> Evi Nemeth            evi@cs.colorado.edu

Perhaps reading the whole book would be wise, before firing off angry missives 
about dissing Debian. Evi Nemeth is the premier expert on Unix, and this 
book, Unix System Administration Handbook, is probably the most respected 
Unix book. As a previous poster said:

>It appears to me that throughout the book, the authors call a spade a spade
>as they see it.  Debian got called on this one; trust me, RedHat gets larted
>far more specifically and often, and SuSE gets thwocked a time or two as

I'll leave it to Google to enlighten people who are not familiar with Evi 

Carla Schroder
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