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Getting Ogle to work

I have installed ogle 0.8.4-1 and ogle-gui 0.8.5-1, both with apt-get. I
have also installed libdvdcss0. Now, when I run ogle from inside a
terminal I get:

jerry@debian:~$ ogle
Note[ogle_ctrl]: ogle 0.8.4
Debug[ogle_ctrl]: Started /usr/lib/ogle/ogle_gui with pid 5179
ogle_gui: error while loading shared libraries: libdvdcontrol.so.8:
cannot open shared object file:ile or directory Debug[ogle_ctrl]: child:
5179 exited with 127 Debug[ogle_ctrl]: pid: 5179 exited with status: 127
Debug[ogle_ctrl]: all children dead
Debug[ogle_ctrl]: removing shmid: 44564483
Note[ogle_ctrl]: exiting

What is causing the error when loading the shared library
libdvdcontrol.so.8? I can't find which package provides this file.


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