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Re: mozilla: goto top/bottom of webpages ???

Ron Johnson wrote:
> > For some insane reason, I've been trying various combinations of Ctrl-
> > and Alt- and Home and End ;>
> Well, I think I agree with you.  I'd have never thought to try only
> <Home> & <End>.  "Everywhere else", the standard keystrokes are
> <ctrl>-<home> & <ctrl>-<end>.

Being a long term unix user I have always used [home] and [end] for
top and bottom of file.  (On terminals that supported those keys.)
But with some recent update I find that those keys take me to
beginning of line and end of line, not the top of file and bottom of
file.  What a nasty change!  Why break all of us old farts?

Doing more research revealed that MS-Word used [home] for beginning of
line and [end] for end of line.  Who would have thunk it?  Apparently
someone changed the behavior to be more similar to MS-Word behavior.
Chalk up another win for the ms folks.  The traditional unix bahavior
has always been the other way around.

Therefore I think the answer is that traditional unix behavior has
been replaced with contemporary ms behavior many places.  Mozilla has
been around for a long time and must be using the "normal unix"
behavior for those keys and not the "normal ms" behavior.


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