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Re: How to get PHP4 to work with Apache2

Rob Weir wrote:

On Wed, Mar 05, 2003 at 01:06:41AM -0600, John Foster wrote:
I need any suggestions on how to get Php4 to install and work with Apache2; running mostly unstable with a lot of AMD optomized w/gcc3.2 apps. PHP4 from Debian will not install without installing apache-common (1.3) I think.

Yup.  PHP (4.2, at the VERY least) doesn't work with apache2 yet.  Well,
I think PHP does, but making all the libraries it links to threadsafe is
a bloody huge job.  It'd probably work quite safely with apache2's
fork()-based MPM model, but if you're going to use that, you might as
well use apache1.3.

May I ask why you want apache2 so badly?

I want to begin incorporating it into the web based POS environment that I am developing. I like to have as much experience with the software I install as possible. That means I need to start early on in the learning curve of really new software. I find it is best to be there when the apps become equal to Debian Unstable level of quality. I experiment with a lot of software that is not from Debian and there is great interest in Apache2 because of its ease of management and its SPEED. Thanks!

John Foster
AdVance-Computing Systems

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