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Re: Debian SCSI HD Install Failing

On Wednesday 05 March 2003 10:15 am, DOUGLAS RIST wrote:
> I am trying to install Debian 3.0rc1.
> My system is:
> AMD K6-350
> ASUS Motherboard
> Adaptec AHA-294x/AIC-78xx
> Seagate SCSI HD (9Gb)
> Intel Pro/100+
> ATI Tech 3d Rage Pro PCI
> Hitachi CDR-7930
> I boot up and get the message that "No hard disk drives were detected".
> Everything else can detect this drive (Gentoo, Vector, FreeBSD,
> Win2000), so I know it is configured properly. What do I need to do to
> boot an install kernel with aic7xxx support?
> Btw, I can't find my answer in the Debian docs, nor has IRC been
> helpful - they directed me to inquire here.

This is from the config file for the 2.4.18bf24 kernel. This is an alternate 
kernel available during the install. 

Greg Madden

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