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Re: To get GNOME2, should I Upgrade or Dist-Upgrade or... ?

On Thu, Mar 06, 2003 at 01:26:21PM +0700, arief_mulya wrote:
> Dear all,
> I kept getting wonder and never be sure about this whenever 
> I'm reaching this step.
> The thing is, I finally want to upgrade my GNOME1.4 to 
> GNOME2. I know that there's woody backport of GNOME2, but I 
> wanted to have the latest version of it, and continue to 
> watch it.
> My current laptop is Sarge.What should I need to do to have 
> GNOME2 installed. Upgrade? Dist-Upgrade? OR.. ? Oh one more 

I personnaly do it like this : i always use upgrade, and once that is
done, if they were hold packages, i install them one bye one (or in
block) and verify that nothing untoward happens. This is the safest way
tyo upgrade, as you will catch any new package which will remove huge
parts of your installed packages. Usually such problems are due to a lag
in new packages upload or something and will usually go away in a few

The ideal would be a new apt keyword which would enable to install new
package but not remove old ones.


Sven Luther

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