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Re: The Very Verbose Guide to Updating and Compiling Your Debian Kernel

Daniel Farnsworth Teichert wrote:
> # Make it! You'll be asked to configure it first--here's where
> # other documentation like that mentioned can help; another
> # helpful thing if you have a working Debian kernel image
> # already installed is to load the configuration for the
> # current kernel from within the /boot directory. You may want
> # to copy it to another location first, or when you 'Save and
> # Exit' I think it might overwrite it.
> make-kpkg kernel_image
> (Note that the above requires that root has access to your X
> display, because it uses 'xconfig'.

I personally use 'make menuconfig' which uses the terminal and not X.
My personal preference and avoids the X11 issue.  I may not even have
X available to me at the time I am doing this.  Although you were able
to solve the problem nicely.  menconfig needs libncurses5-dev.

  apt-get install libncurses5-dev

Also, as mentioned in a followup, you can copy a mostly working
/boot/config-version file to your .config and then run 'make
oldconfig' which will start you off with the previous configuration.
Then you can tweak changes starting from that base.


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