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Re: proftpd can't determine IP adress

short answer, you don't have a dns entry for that name.
you need to have it in /etc/hosts or resolveable from the /etc/resolv.conf 
file so it can find its ip address

try pinging hugo.paed.uni-muenchen.de and seeing if it can find itsself

On Monday 03 March 2003 11:38, Sven Garbade wrote:
> Hi list,
> the professional ftp server isn't working since some days. The demon
> exits with the following error message:
> root@hugo# /etc/init.d/proftpd start
> Starting professional ftp daemon: hugo.paed.uni-muenchen.de - Fatal: unable
> to determine IP address of 'hugo.paed.uni-muenchen.de'.
> I've got no idea why, it runs for several month before. The problem
> occurs after I rearranged my hard disk partitions. The copmputer is
> running the testing distribution and has a permanent IP adress, all
> other network stuff run without problems.
> Thanks for any hints,
> Sven

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