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Re: (Newbie) Knoppix.

I have tried this. It doesn't seem to work, unfortunately. The only alternative is getting a 25 ft. Ethernet cable and trying to run this through the house, but as I said in an earlier posting, this problem seems to be a Linux SiS 900 driver problem as Win 98SE works just fine.



Leo Spalteholz wrote:

On March 2, 2003 02:06 am, Brian Durant wrote:
I checked Knoppix' web site, which directed to a page with "cheat
codes". I gave the command "knoppix noapic" at the boot prompt.
When the system started, I used "netcartconfig" to get the system
to broadcast a DHCP something or other. Unlike the other computers
on my WAN/LAN that I have tried this Knoppix system on, my
daughter's computer could not successfully get an IP address
assigned with DHCP.

You sure it's not a hardware problem? Try assigning a static IP and see if you can ping the other hosts in your network. Maybe its just a physical connection issue..


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