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Re: GUI Mail Client

On Tuesday 25 February 2003 11:56 pm, Rus Foster wrote:
> Can anyone recommend a mail client which can take my
> existing pine config and folders?

One that takes the whole config will be hard.  Several will 
take the folders, including kmail and mutt.  (but mutt isn't 

I use kmail and mutt sort of interchangeably.  I use kmail at 
home, and mutt away from home when the gui is too slow.  Since 
they use the same format, I can go back and forth between them.

I used to do this with pine, but for me mutt has replaced pine.

One thing I like about kmail (compared to other GUI mail 
programs) is that it does only mail.

One "bug" in kmail is that it uses index files.  If there 
isn't one, it will create it.  If you change a mail file (mbox 
format) with another program, only a little, sometimes it 
won't discover that the index doesn't match and will give a 
messed up display.  The solution is to remove the index file.

Sylpheed uses a different storage format.  I couldn't figure 
out how to go back and forth between it and a text program 
like mutt.  That means you will have the same problem moving 
from pine.

I don't like evolution for the same reason I don't like 
Outlook.  A mail program should do only mail.

It would be SO nice if they would all use the same storage 

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