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Re: New Kernel - No Network

    "Vince" == Vince Turzo <vlt@pacbell.net> writes:

    Vince> I'm still trying to get connected with 2.4.20, while 2.2.22
    Vince> connects without problems. My debian system is on a
    Vince> lan. The ifconfig screens look the same, except that eth0
    Vince> has no IP address in 2.4.20, which leads me to believe that
    Vince> the dhcp is not enabled in the new kernel. I'm not sure how
    Vince> to troubleshoot that one. At the same time, if I do a lsmod
    Vince> on both, I get 4 modules on 2.2.22 and none on 2.4.20.  Are
    Vince> some of the module functions built into the new kernel? I
    Vince> wouldn't have eth0 up if that function weren't handled by
    Vince> the kernel, would I? After dmesg, the log on 2.4.20 seems
    Vince> to load Net 4.0 without problems, except at the end when it
    Vince> says... Unix domain sockets 1.0/SMP for Linux... ds: no
    Vince> socket drivers loaded.  Could this be a problem in enabling
    Vince> connection to the lan?  Please advise.  Thanks.  Vince

Are you sure that eth0 is coming up at all? Do you see it in the
output of dmesg with 2.4.20? Most likely, if this is a prepackaged
2.4.20 kernel, you forgot to load the network driver module for your
NIC card in /etc/modules (test by 'insmod <name>' the module followed
by 'ifup eth0').

What module is being used? You say you 'insmod' but you did not tell
us what it was you did exactly.

If eth0 is being initialized as indicated by dmesg output, the next
step is to determine if dhcp is working. If you built your own kernel
and are using the ISC dhcp client you may have forgotten to include
the correct network filter options (you will have to search the
archives, but from memory you will need the packet filter). You can
easily test this by running the dhcp client by hand on eth0, it will
print a warning if the kernel options are missing.


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