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help with Dell Truemobile 1150 PCMCIA wireless card


can anybody help me with this card under Woody? I have read a lot about this card configuration, but the solution seems not so straightforward as explained... for me, at least.

I tried with the orinoco driver (orinoco_cs), but after loading the module, the only thing I get is errors everytime I try to use eht1 (my laptop, a Dell Inspiron 8200, comes with an integrated 10/100 ethernet controller which is configured as eth0). The errors consist of a number of lines with messages like "T/X error" or something like that --sorry but I don't have my laptop here right now to check this--.

I am unable to find any solution, so if anyone faced the same problem and/or knows what to do please heeeeelp!!!!!

Thank a lot :-)

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