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Re: dselect

>>>>> "seneca" == seneca-cunningham  <Seneca> writes:

    seneca> On Sun, Mar 02, 2003 at 01:16:24PM +0530, Sukrit wrote:

    seneca> It is not the worst thing to do.  For my first 5 months of
    seneca> using Debian, my system did not have a working NIC.  On a
    seneca> nearby Windows machine, during those months, I would go
    seneca> through the Debian website, check on dependencies,
    seneca> download the packages (via either the website or FTP),
    seneca> floppy them to my system, and install.  Not only that, but
    seneca> that system was running unstable, updated on weekends (it
    seneca> took to long to be updated at any other time).

That must have been the *wrost* thing to do! i feel much more grateful for
food, air and a working ethernet card now, not to mention the cd drive

    >> dselect but it is bent on installing some 17 packages on my
    >> system. It seems that this is becuase i am using dselect on the
    >> system for the first time and those are the recommended
    >> packages. Pressing 'R' or 'D' should tell dselect to mind it's
    >> own business says the help but that isn't helping. dselect
    >> still wants to act like a controlling wife (and i don't want to
    >> act the henpecked husband).

    seneca> You could try using aptitude.

Yeah, did so. It's better than dselect. No more changing 7 cds
infinite number of times. 


ps thanks for the apt-get thingee, it works now. 

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