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Re: dselect

On Sun, Mar 02, 2003 at 01:16:24PM +0530, Sukrit wrote:
> i am trying to installing a functional but minimalistic debian system. 
> Right now i am doing the following to install packages -
> $apt-cache search package
> $apt-get install package
> Obviously it is the worst thing to do in this case. i tried using

It is not the worst thing to do.  For my first 5 months of using Debian,
my system did not have a working NIC.  On a nearby Windows machine,
during those months, I would go through the Debian website, check on
dependencies, download the packages (via either the website or FTP),
floppy them to my system, and install.  Not only that, but that system
was running unstable, updated on weekends (it took to long to be updated
at any other time).

> dselect but it is bent on installing some 17 packages on my system. It
> seems that this is becuase i am using dselect on the system for the
> first time and those are the recommended packages. Pressing 'R' or 'D'
> should tell dselect to mind it's own business says the help but that
> isn't helping. dselect still wants to act like a controlling wife (and
> i don't want to act the henpecked husband).

You could try using aptitude.


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