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Re: pptp ...

Karoly Vegh <Karoly.Vegh@gmx.at> writes:
> Im trying to get into my firm's LAN with pptp from a cable-provider at
> homel.

Colin Ellis is right.

> Feb 26 10:41:59 hb pppd[1271]: rcvd [CHAP Failure id=0x0 "E=691 R=1
> C=3BEDB47127E2081CF23A3BBDAA861AF9 V=3"]

The error code here E=691 is a simple authentication failure.

> ps. ofcourse i changed the real IP to SERRVER_IP, useraccount to 'username'
> and so on through the whola mail.

I hope you also changed your real password to "password", or else
you're trying to log in with password "password".

Besides that, the culprit is probably extra backslashes.  Instead of:

        name "domainname.at\\\\username"

you want:

        name "domain\\username"

with the backslash doubled instead of quadrupled.  Note that "domain"
should probably be the simple NT domain name (not a fully qualified
hostname).  Similarly, the entries in "chap-secrets" should look like:

# Secrets for authentication using CHAP
# client        server  secret                  IP addresses
domainname\\username PPTP  YourRealPassword SERVER_IP
PPTP domainname\\username  YourRealPassword SERVER_IP

with the backslashes doubled, not quadrupled.

On my PPTP tunnel, if I use double backslashes, it works.  If I
quadruple the backslashes like you've done, I get the same
authentication failure you do.

Kevin Buhr <buhr@telus.net>

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