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Re: Network booting with Grub

On Saturday 01 March 2003 06:04 pm, nate wrote:
> Hello!
> I was curious if anyone had any experiences they could share with
> me network booting a x86 machine with debian 3.0 configured to
> be 'diskless'. I'm lookin to set up a machine or 2 for this. I
> have TFTP and DHCP already, about to compile grub with network
> support.
> sofar I'm lookin at this document:
> http://www.kegel.com/linux/pxe.html
> the NIC in the machine I plan to test is a eepro100 w/PXE bootrom,
> also I have some systems with 3c59x which are netboot capable as
> well.
> It's just that my desktop systems get so little local disk activity
> I'm thinkin about removing the disks and running everything over
> NFS(both my local NFS servers are on raid).
> thanks
> nate

Have you looked at the Linux Terminal server Project? http://www.ltsp.org/ 
It's an active, fast-moving project. They provide debs, lots of 
documentation, mail lists, and IRC.

Running terminals off a good Linux server is a great way to go, maintaining a 
network is lots simpler. And quieter, if you have a place to stuff the noisy 
server. ;-)

Carla Schroder
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