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Re: netgear ma311 recognized but not working on testing

DvB wrote:

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I just got a netgear ma311 wireless network card and, after compiling
a 2.4.20 kernel with the necessary hermes PCI/PCMCIA drivers (and just
about every other wireless driver I could find, for that matter), I
got my testing system to recognize it. However, I can't get it
to actually do anything useful (I'm using my 3com wired card to post
this). pump hangs whenever I run it with -i eth1 (where eth1 is the
wireless card). Is pump the way to configure it? I wouldn't think it
would be any different from configuring a wired network card (???).



Any ideas? Anything at all would probably be helpful.

Rather than using pump you should probably initially try with a fixed ip number. (ifconfig...)

I was recently setting up both an netgear access point and netgear pcmcia card with a siilar result. It turned out that I couldn't get an ip number through dhcp (pump) but had a fine connection with a fixed ip until I realized that a configuration change on the access point made a different: I had configured the access point with a fixed ip rather than using dhcp, so it chose not to forward the dhcp broadcast from the pcmcia card. WHen I made the access point use dhcp too (and configured the dhcp server to hand out a fixed ip number to the access point) dhcp finally worked for the pcmcia cards.


Prof. Dr. Andreas J. Guelzow

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