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Re: apt-get, KDE, and gnomemeeting

Hi Donald,

Thanks for letting me know that I'm not the only one
having this problem!  Your solution of trying to
compile the application from the source myself is one
I'll try.  

> I guess a third choice would be to upgrade to a SID
> system completely, but you have to risk the chances 
> of breakage due to the constant state of change.  
> KDE 3.1 is starting to flow into SID(unstable)
> but isn't completely there yet.
Hmmm, I guess I don't understand 'apt-get install' as
well as I had thought!  My impression had been that it
would automatically pull all needed packages with the
one you 'apt-get install' for.  (So when I did
'apt-get install gnomemeeting', using unstable for the
sources.list, I had expected KDE3.1 to be pulled in
with the gnomemeeting 0.96., since the gnomemeeting
bug-tracker for Debian had said if I went to all
unstable then both would work together.)  Are you
saying that the 'apt-get install' would not pull in
KDE3.1, but that an 'apt-get dist-upgrade' to unstable
would have?  Or maybe you're saying that right now,
'apt-get install gnomemeeting' for 0.96 OR 'apt-get
dist-upgrade' for unstable would NOT allow me to
retain KDE3.1, but sometime in the future unstable
will have a complete KDE3.1 and *then* another
'apt-get dist-upgrade' will give me KDE again...

Sorry for my slowness to understand on this point, I'm
a newbie trying to learn as fast as I can! :-)

Thanks again for your earlier reply,

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