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Apache-SSL Encrypted Key Woes


I've recently installed Apache-SSL package and am playing around with keys
and I thought I'd try an encrypted key on for size.

The problem is, when I start apache-sslctl start - it starts, and asks me
for the PEM Passphrase for the key.  I enter the wrong key, it says I'm
wrong, I enter the right key it continues to load properly and states it's
"started" [see #1] -- so I know it's verifying the passphrase properly(?)
However, in the error log I get a PEM error about reading the password [see

Any Ideas?


Enter PEM pass phrase:
Bad passphrase - try again
Enter PEM pass phrase:
Launching... /usr/lib/apache-ssl/gcache pid=18447
/usr/sbin/apache-sslctl start: httpsd started

[Sat Mar  1 15:32:29 2003] [crit] (22)Invalid argument: Error reading
private key file /etc/apache-ssl/lacytools.key:
[Sat Mar  1 15:32:29 2003] [crit] error:0906406D:PEM
routines:DEF_CALLBACK:problems getting password
[Sat Mar  1 15:32:29 2003] [crit] error:0906A068:PEM
routines:PEM_do_header:bad password read

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