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Re: crontab just wont stop mailing ... !

On Saturday 01 March 2003 3:05 am, Bob Proulx wrote:
> Dave Selby wrote:
> > Every so oftern it decides to mail its output, it does not know where it
> > is supposed to mail, starts a ppp link and talks to the web.
> >
> > Jan 30 07:24:01 debian anacron[249]: Job `cron.weekly' terminated
> > (mailing output)
> > Jan 30 07:24:01 debian pppd[189]: Starting link
> > Jan 30 07:24:29 debian pppd[189]: Serial connection established.
> > Jan 30 07:24:29 debian pppd[189]: Connect: ppp0 <--> /dev/modem
> At a guess something in /etc/cron.weekly/* is causing the trouble.
> > My /etc/crontab now looks like ...
> That just calls the scripts in /etc/cron.weekly and others.  Check all
> of them, specifically weekly, and see what you see.
> > I thought I had cured the problem until it did it again tonight !!!
> > do I need to do something with the crontab command ??
> *Any* output from a crontab command is simply mailed to the owner of
> the crontab.  In this case it looks like root.
> Why would mail access the network?  Will diald start if you simply
> send a mail message?  From the local user to the local user?
> Something does not seem right there.  Perhaps it is configured for DNS
> to the net and therefore is spawning to look up a hostname?  Perhaps
> you have a smarthost configured and it is forwarding?  Just guesses.
> If that is the problem then you will need to deduce ways around the
> problem.  It is normal for some crontabs to generate output which
> needs to be mailed.  You won't want to completely prevent that.
> Bob

mmm .. me thinks me is on the edge of my knolledge here. My dial on demand 
links to the web if it does not recognise a web or email address. This works 

To my understanding when /etc/cron.weekly is executed it obviously has 
something to report, doesnt know the email address where it is supposed to 
send it so dials the web ?

I guess my first step is to check to see if root has mail from cron.weekly, 
because i set MAILTO=root ...

Anybody know where roots mail is kept ?

If you could let me know that, I will do more research and get back to you 
guys. with more info ...


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