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adding eth1


Thank you all for your replies. It has been a great help to me.

I just added the second NIC (sorry, it is a PCI-type, forgot to mention this) and guess what? The system recognizes it at once.
Normally I have to do lots of things to get the job done. This time, well prepared, I have to do nothing at all.

One thing however got my attention. The I/O addressed used by those cards are not in the 0x200-0x300 range
but are 0x9000 and 0x9100, (IRQ 9 and 11.).

And I have no trouble with these cards so far. So I have no point discouraging you to buy one of those cards, Svenn.
The cards are build in (at the moment) in an IBM PC 730 6876. My third realtec card has been build in in my self built
PC-clone P III 866MHz, running win98. I have 8 PC's running in a network and I have no trouble with any of these NIC's.

Hopes this gives some info, Svenn.


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