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Re: use of spamassassin and razor

On Fri, Feb 21, 2003 at 05:35:11PM +0530, Sandip P Deshmukh wrote:
> got that. one more question. how do i make some messages bypass spamd?
> like for instance, as i understand, debian mailing lists are anyway
> scanned for spam using spamassassin.
> how and where do i tell spamassassin that 'dont scan a message if it
> comes from debian mailing list?' will it have to be in exim.conf (i wont
> prefer it) or will it have to be in .forward (exim filter)? preferable

since spamassassin is 'called' via configuration in exim.conf, i
don't see how you'd get around calling it based on certain
criteria, unless those criteria are also built into exim.conf.

i'd recommend leaving exim.conf alone (once spamassassin is
working and scanning incoming email) and have your .forward
(exim filter) file first check for debian-user and then check
for spam.

sequence matters. :)

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