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Monitor problems

Hi all,

Since my reinstall of Debian last weekend, I'm having problems with my
monitor (as the subject already suggested :-/). Thing is, X starts up
gracefully (nVidia; gdm), when I exit my WM however, my monitor yields
an "out of range"-error. It's refresh rates are too high then,
although I made sure to specify the correct rates in XF86Config-4.

As long as I was using fluxbox, this really was a problem, since it
left me no other possibility then Ctrl-Alt-Del. Right now I'm using
gnome, which seems to have the bizarre capability of recovering the
display. My monitor's "out of range" signal appears for some seconds,
and then vanishes to make place for gdm. However, when I want to
switch to a console, the same thing happens. Reboot, then, too.

I've never before experienced such behaviour, and find it quite odd.
How come my refresh rates get (too) high when I *leave* X? And more
important: is there anyone who has an idea as to what I could do about

Thanks a lot...

"Was soll uns denn das ew'ge Schaffen!
Geschaffenes zu nichts hinwegzuraffen!"

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