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Re: How to play custom sound on mail alert in Moz Mail?

Travis Crump wrote:

Bob Proulx wrote:

Kent West wrote:

Anyone know how to configure Mozilla Mail on Debian to play a custom sound when new mail arrives?

Yes.  First off don't try to do it with Mozilla.  Do it with procmail
as the mail is processed on your machine.  Procmail will put it in
your mailbox to be read by Mozilla.

I am guessing, but I would guess that the OP has it setup so that Mozilla is retrieving his mail directly from a remote mail server. The mail is never processed on his machine until Mozilla processes it. The reason that I am guessing this is that Mozilla's MoveMail implementation for retrieving mail from /var/mail/<username> doesn't automatically check for mail[at least for me], it only retrieves mail when you tell it to. As for configuring it to play a custom sound:

Recent versions of mozilla let you do this in the UI Preferences->Mail&Newsgroups->Notifications. Older versions supposedly let you set a custom sound by putting:

user_pref("mail.biff.sound_file", "/usr/share/sounds/email.wav");
user_pref("mail.biff.use_default_sound", false);

in either ~/.mozilla/<profilename>/<random>.slt/user.js or /etc/mozilla/prefs.js. I never did get this to work though[before I started using fetchmail].

Yes; Mozilla is handling the mail, via IMAP.

I tried the two "mail.biff" lines in my user prefs.js, but it doesn't work. This was on my machine at work, running whatever Mozilla was available out of Sid a few days ago. I'm running Moz 1.0.0 out of Testing on my home machine. Both versions have an option to "Play a sound" in the GUI configuration, but neither allows you to specify what sound to play. I did find the suggestion from a web search to edit the prefs.js file as you mention above, but not being able to get it to work, I thought I'd ask the general question to avoid seeding the idea into someone's head that this was the way to do it in case there was another/better way. I guess that's the official way to do it, though. I have no idea why it doesn't work, but thanks for verifying that I'm doing what's supposed to be done.


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