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Re: Curious question with building source package - where are the gcc parameters are stored?

On Fri, Feb 28, 2003 at 05:58:10PM -0800, calyth wrote:
> I was messing around the system earlier, and thought, wouldn't it be 
> better if I compiled some of the debian packages myself because then I 
> could enable some specific compile time optimization.

Certainly try it, but there seem to be very few cases where this is
actually worthwhile, and in most cases it's already been done for you.
For example, OpenSSL, mplayer, etc.

> So I downloaed a source package, and started reading the unarchived 
> directories. I know the parameters should be somewhere in the 
> subdirectory debian, but when I thought I changed the right one, it 
> didn't even affect the parameters the slightest bit.

For the Debian sources, you can often get away with just setting the CFLAGS
(for gcc) and CXXFLAGS (for g++) environment variables.  A more robust
solution might be to install pentium-builder, which (AIUI) wraps gcc
entirely, so no environment variable hackage is needed.

> Would anyone know where exactly the compiler parameters are stored in an 
> unarchived source package so that I could alter those settings?

The compilation of Debian packages is controlled by the debian/rules
file.  You can certainly edit that to enable anything you want, but I
think the pentium-builder package would be a better solution.

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