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Re: Setting hdparm parameters on boot

Jeff Elkins wrote:
I'm trying to set the parameter: 'hdparm -d 1 /dev/hdc' upon boot. I created a script 'hdcparm' in init.d and attempted using update-rc.d to create a S99hdcparm script in my runlevels, and while it creates the link, it doesn't seem to 'take.' I still have to apply it manually for the setting to work.
Have I missed something here?


Jeff Elkins

There is an existing package that will do this for you (after you edit it with the values you want)called "hwtools". It does pretty much the same as what you tried...i.e. creates a file in the /etc/init.d/ directory and sets up the appropriate symlinks automatically. Just install the package and make the edits you need in /etc/init.d/hwtools. Fill in your parameters where it says "[PUT ARGS HERE]" in the hdparm optimization section.

Did you make your "hdparm" script an executable shell script?

-Don Spoon-

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