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Re: kept back packages because of libfam0c102

Francois Chenais wrote:

	I have many kept back packages because there upgrade needs libfam0c102 to be installed implying e17 efsd libfam0 to be removed !!!
But I don't want removing e17 !:-|

Must I have to do this ??

e17 and efsd aren't in the main archives, where are you getting them from? They need to make the gcc-3.2 transition. You might want to let whoever mantains the archive for e17 and efsd aware of this, though I would be incredulous if they weren't already cognizant of this. If it is a 'stable' archive than they probably have no plans to make the transition and you will have to look for another archive. Of course, there is no reason that you *have* to upgrade, your current software works, doesn't it?

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