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Re: mplayer & motherboard with i810 chipset.

On Thu, 27 Feb 2003 10:30:43 +0200,
Egor Tur wrote:
> I have problems with using mplayer on motherboard on i810
> chipset.  I use mplayer 0.90rc4 & kernel 2.4.20 & XFree86
> When I try to use xv or sdl codec I hev only blue
> image.  Mplayer work only with x11 codec but with that I cannot
> fulscreen.  Anybody have any ideas how can use xv or sdl codec?

Yes you can run mplayer full-screen with x11. The catch is that
you must have a powerful enough processor (say a Duron or
Celeron), and something called MTRR enabled in the kernel. The
trick then is to use software scaling. You can use a command

mplayer -vop scale=640:480 movie.avi

This will even work without X, if your kernal has framebuffer
support. You might need to add the "-framedrop" flag to keep the
audio and video in sync.

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