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RE: ATI Rage 128

| I'm encountering a few problems with this product - on two different
| machines (with the same kind of video card)
| In MODCONF, there's an option for framebuffers.  If I choose to install
| the Rage 128 - my screen goes "nuts".  If I memorized the keystrokes, I
| can remove the framebuffer module and get my display back - otherwise
| it's reinstall time.
| Why is this happening to me - and do I need/want the framebuffer module
| anyway?
| Daniel

I have an ATI All-in-wonder 128 with the rage 128 chip.  If you roll your
own kernel try adding in CONFIG_FB_ATY128=y (under character devices ATI
Rage 128) and adding something along the lines of
append="video=aty128fb:1024x768@76" to lilo.  This will give you a decent
resolution.  Otherwise, put vga=ask in your lilo and follow the prompts to
figure out what to replace the "ask" with.  On another machine I use
vga=0x0314 to get a 800x600 display.



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