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Re: Phoenix with java ..

Sandip P Deshmukh said:

> ah ha. i had it extracted in /home/sandip/java. i think java needs to be
> in the 'path'. here is output of echo $PATH:
> /usr/local/bin:/usr/bin:/bin:/usr/bin/X11:/usr/games
> could that be the reason?

Don't think so..I don't have java in my path .. putting it in
/home/sandip/java should be fine too.

> i went to some other site that runs java applet. i think it should not
> matter.

which ? try the sun site just incase. it is possible that the java
applet your trying to load is not compadible(perhaps coded for the
MS JVM or something).

> thanks for your help. just one question. if i have /usr/local in my path,
> does it mean all subdirectories under /usr/local?

no. you shouldn't need java in your path, well it's good to have
if you plan on using it on the command line, but from a browser,
it shouldn't be needed.

and for what it's worth I got the info here:

was testing out java on mozilla 1.2.1 ..the same info seemed to
apply to phoenix as well.


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