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Re: Where to put environment variables?

* Joao Clemente <jpcl@rnl.ist.utl.pt> [20030227 18:16 PST]:
> On Friday 28 February 2003 01:06, praveen kallakuri wrote:
> > your console may not be spawning a login shell. thats when /etc/profile
> > is not read (in other words, /etc/profile is read when you spawn a login
> > shell). trying using a standard terminal. or alternatively, put your
> > environment variables in .bashrc in your HOME. and source .bashrc in
> > your .bash_profile.
> I think that is not the problem I'm facing:
> When I start kde through "startx" my konsole has the enviroment set up 
> properly.
> When I start kde through kdm, the same console does not have the environment 
> set up. 
> If I had the problem you talk about, I would face it either way, right?

Nope.  When you log in at the console, that's your login shell.  Any
sub-processes (including your entire X session) inherit the environment
from the parent process, in which the variable has been set.

good times,
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