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Re: Browser string of Mozilla?

On February 27, 2003 08:00 am, Tom wrote:
> Richard Hector:
> <cut>
> >> Is there anything I can edit to make Mozilla behave like it was
> >> Internet Explorer?
> >
> > I have a couple of thoughts on this - first, it's nothing to do
> > with Debian.
> Hm. You're absolutely right; my apologies. Subconsciously, I must
> have considered this list to be the best help desk available,
> forgetting that I'm not at home :-).
> > Second, I'd prefer to look for a more friendly job _before_
> > getting the boot for using a non-approved browser :-)
> Well, I'm 21, have absolutely no experience in whatsoever, nor
> do I have degrees or anything like it. I'm not willing to risk
> my job by starting some psychological war with the head of the
> IT-department... ;)

And yet you're willing to risk using Mozilla if your IT department is 
that strict?  Yeah its a better browser but IE is quite useable too.  
Certainly not worth starting anything.


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