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Re: Strange behaviour

On Mon, Feb 24, 2003 at 11:23:32PM +0300 or thereabouts, Eduardo Rocha Costa wrote:
> Hi, all I really have a strange problem, 
> I configured exim (I think) to receive e-mails 
> the procmail and fetchmail to
> well then, when I do
> $fetchmail -k
> I receive all e-mails from the pop server and all correctly 
> but when I do
> $fetchmail 
> I receive all e-mails but one or two line in each
> Really strange huh ?
> And one more related question,
> my smtp servers needs authentication to send e-mails 
> but I can't configure exim or mutt to do this
> anyone has a hint a FAQ or anything to help me 

Check out the docs in /usr/share/doc/fetchmail, also check out
your procmail log file for errors and more information.
As far as Exim goes, someone else might step in here, since
I use postfix.  

Also, you should read all of the docs and understand the
entire process of all of the packages involved. I.e., ...
fetchmail retreives messages from your pop account, spits that
off to you're mailer, (exim or postfix, etc) and then procmail
handles the sorting, etc.... (basic explination) and then mutt
will allow you to read mail.   This can get much more complicated
as you add rules to procmail, spam filters and such... but thats
it in a nutshell.  If you try some different config files and
still get stuck, let us know.  Btw, especially pay attention
to the procmailrc and muttrc files, and try getting "one"
maillist correct before going on.  (testing to say you're
yahoo account and checking headers and such, prior to the
mailing lists works.) 


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