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Re: Netinstall - nothing works?

Klaus Imgrund wrote:
On Mon, 24 Feb 2003 14:51:13 -0800
"nate" <debian-user@aphroland.org> wrote:

Klaus Imgrund said:


I downloaded a netinstall iso with bf2.4 kernel and threw it in -
kernel panic with error about reiserfs modules.
- Ok try the next one
Downloaded the businesscard.iso for a testing netinstall.That
couldn't find my sis900 NIC.Let alone a driver for it.

it looks like the generic bf2.4 kernel supports it. Not sure
why the netinst CD crashed. Though I tried a netinst CD back in august
and it wouldn't boot(yet alone load a kernel).

I only use 3com and intel NICs in my machines, very compadible.....

you could boot off floppies if you have a floppy drive..

No such luck.I guess I'll keep on trying all the images I can find with
a 2.4 kernel.



Exactly which "netinstall iso with bf2.4 kernel" did you download & try? You mentioned the "businesscard.iso for a testing netinstall" as a second try, and IF you tried the other one available from the same site, it was a "testing" installer too! This probably explains some of your problems. I have tried these isos recently to check out the new Installer being developed, and I must say it is very "rough" at the moment. I had similar problems as you... i.e. failure to detect hardware (cdrom, NIC, etc) and losing modules I thought had been installed. It is very much "alpha" software at present and you shouldn't expect a smooth install. You really ARE "testing" them ;) In their defense, the team is making good progress on a very tough problem.

From what I can see, the "standard" 2.4.18-bf4 kernel used in Woody has both Reiserfs support, and support for your NIC compiled in... there is no need for inserting additional modules to get the netinstall going. I have done several Woody netinstalls here, and all went quite smoothly... although I don't have the same hardware as you. There is no reliable way to go directly to testing at the moment that I know about, if that is where you want to end up.

The easiest way to do a netinstall that I have found is to use the official Woody boot floppies. If your hardware is compiled into the kernel (as yours appears to be) then all you need is the "rescue" and "root" floppies to get to the point where you can log onto the net and complete the install. I always grab the driver floppies as well... just in case. Once you have Woody installed, you can upgrade to testing or whatever fairly easily by apt-get dist-upgrade.

As an alternative to the boot floppy method above, you can use one of the "unofficial" netinstall isos for Woody. I don't think there are any "official" netinst isos for Woody. Might I suggest Eduard Bloch's "bootbf2.4.iso" at: http://people.debian.org/~blade/boot-floppies/cvs/? It is fairly recent and should get you the latest version of Woody.


-Don Spoon-

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