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Re: OS X Games

At 1046120696s since epoch (02/24/03 11:04:56 -0500 UTC), Colin Watson wrote:
> I suspect that's unlikely. The BSDs aren't in general binary-compatible
> with each other: for example, they have different libc versions. MacOS X
> appears to have a completely different shared library architecture to
> the other BSDs.

While we're getting a little off-topic here, I thought I'd point out
that in general, some of the BSDs actually *are* binary compatible
with each other, at least through an emulation layer.  For example,
FreeBSD can binary emulate Linux (thus allowing you to run things like
Sun's JDK).

In fact, there is currently a project under NetBSD to binary-emulate
Darwin/Mac OS X binaries:


Note, however, that the earlier comments about architectures still
apply; in order to run OS X binaries, you'll need a processor that
could run them natively.  Thus, to run Mac OS X games, you'll still
need a Mac with a PowerPC chip in it.

If you have a mac, but are running linux on it, I suggest you surf on
over to the Mac-On-Linux site:


Using that software, you can actually boot a virtual machine running
Mac OS (8.6 and later, including X) on a virtual console, so you can
run Linux and Mac OS at the same time.

Of course, if you have a Mac, why aren't you just running OS X?  =)


Jason Healy

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