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Conflict when adding eth1 (diff, gateway 2) dhcp

Hi, i have a nice little problem of mine. My router at home has 3 nics.
2 external and 1 internal for my local lan.

Eth0 has my Fixed Adsl Connection 194.236.xx.xx adress
Eth1 has my Cable Modem Connection (dynamic address)
Eth2 has my local lan connection. address

Everything is just fine when i am using my Eth0 connection for the local lan out to internet. But when i run a dhcp klient on Eth1 my resolv.conf, and route gets completely wrong. I have
been using pump to collect my ip adress.

When i execute pump and run ifconfig i see that i have got all ip's correctly, but i get 
my resolv.conf overwritten (By the dhcp client on interface Eth1) and my route looks like this :

Kernel IP routing table
Destination     Gateway         Genmask          Iface
194.236.xx.xx    eth0
xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx  eth1    eth2         194.236.xx.1          eth0         212.181.52.xx          eth1

So i get 2 gateways out on ALL traffic, and since then my internet connections goes down. And i have to login locally and kill the route to eth1 and change my resolv.conf gaaah.

I would like the following :

1. Be able to request an ip address without the client setting routes, changing resolv.conf
2. Be able to route all traffic to 10.0.0.x to eth1 to be able to acess the cable isp's news server.
3. Which dhcp client can i run just to be able to see all ip information received from the dhcp server.

Please Help Me

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