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kernel compile

 I have been having some difficulty getting a newly compiled kernel 
to work on my system.  I have successfully compiled and installed 
before but this problem has stumped me.

Basically, I compile (using make-kpkg) and install the kernel.  When
I try to boot it, though, the only things that are printed to the screen 
	Loading linux
	Bios Check Successful
(Though the screen flashes so fast, I am not sure if it fully sure if it 
writes the whole phrase).

I have successfully installed the stock 2.4.19 kernel image from 
sarge without problem, so I figure that I must be doing something 
wrong in the compile.

I have a P3, 600 MHz, Dell Inspiron 5000, running sarge (+gnome 
2.2 from unstable).

Any help would be greatly appreciated.  




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