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seeking feedback on linux-wlan-ng-2.4.20-foo modules packages

Hi, I am the maintainer of linux-wlan-ng for debian and have started
making precompiled modules packages available in unstable for the
precompiled debian kernels. After some success, and a stupid mistake
that broke them all and that I think I have fixed, I have now had one
report that the modules package linux-wlan-ng-2.4.20-686 is broken.
Unfotunatly, my only machine is a transmeta and cannot even boot the 686
kernel to check this. The only one I can test is the -386 varient, which
seems to work.

If you have a linux-wlan-ng-2.4.20-* package installed, and it works,
please email me. If it doesn't work, please file a bug report.

see shy jo

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