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Re: File systems -- reiser vs. ext3

On Tue, Feb 18, 2003 at 09:23:27PM -0500, Daniel B. wrote:
> > My pick of ext3 was the fact that all the tools that work with ext2
> > work just as readily with ext3.  I was also able to convert within a
> > few minutes from ext2 on the command line.
> What do you use to convert?

As a courtesy to those who haven't heard of Google or know how to
search an archive...

tune2fs -j <partition device>
shutdown -rF now

Do the first for each filesystem you want to be ext3.  In /etc/fstab,
change your fs type for the partitions you converted to ext3,ext2 (if
it can't mount it as ext3 for some reason, it'll roll with it as

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