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Re: cache for packages

On Thu, Feb 20, 2003 at 04:43:02PM +1000, Alan E. Davis wrote:
> I have four or five machines running linux on our local network.  Can
> someone point me to the easy instructions for setting up a cache of
> packages on one system, so that if packages are already on a local
> machine, they won't be ftped again?  

I've found apt-proxy to be very good - debian stable is running on 6 or 7
machines here, with very few packages needing to be downloaded. I've also
run jigdo through it for the first 2 CDs; that primed it nicely :-)
I wouldn't have bothered if I hadn't needed to install a machine that
is offsite, though. And the jigdo was nice and fast with lots of the stuff
already here.

I did have a bit of hassle setting up the conf file in the first place,
but I think that was me trying to be clever and set up multiple sources
for the packages - the official NZ mirror is close to my ISP, but my ISP
has one as well. The ISP one is free but slightly less reliable; the
official one doesn't cost much either though, so I'm now only using that.
I do also have a source set up for security, so that comes through the
cache as well.

I'm not sufficiently confident to post my conf, though, and anyway the
sources will be wrong for most people.


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