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Re: Removing Package Dependencies

* nate <debian-user@aphroland.org> [2003-02-18 08:31]:
> Lukas Ruf said:
> > Is there any way to get rid of package dependencies?  The reason for this
> > question: I have been using VIM ever since I am using Linux -- and do not
> > want to have emacs installed at all.  However, packets like cxref have the
> > idea they would depend on emacs -- but cxref, as an example, can be used
> > without emacs too, can't it?
> I see no mention of emacs in the cxref's package listing, where do you
> see this?

This morning (CET) I run an update and performed an upgrade by
dselect with sid.  Ther, emacs was required.

How can I produce such a listing as you did? 

<dpkg-depcheck --list-files cxref> creates an output that looks


Lukas Ruf
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