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Re: dselect --multi cd Install from a CD-ROM set

On February 17, 2003 03:44 am, Colin Watson wrote:
> Are "they"? I was under the impression that dpkg-multicd was all but
> unmaintained and that one should use apt instead.

You're right - the "latest news" from dpkg-multicd is from Oct 2001.  I guess 
I got the impression it was being worked on from something I read in the 
dselect guide, without realizing how old it was.  Perhaps I should 
send a suggestion to the debian-doc folks to update to what the dselect 
Beginner's Guide says about dpkg-multicd:

"Quite large and powerful, this complex method is the recommended way of 
installing a recent version of Debian from a set of multiple binary CDs."


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