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Re: spoofing the From: header

* Scruloose (scruloose@eastlink.ca) [030215 14:27]:
> I recently found one of my own posts on Google groups... and I really do
> *not* like seeing my preferred address splattered all over the web like
> that (And yes, I know I knew we were being archived on the web, I
> just had sort of a brain-fart about it)... 
> So I got to thinking: There was a thread just recently about defining
> different from-headers in mutt, based on what folder you're in, and I
> could do that... but it leads me to a big question:
> If I post to debian-user with a totally bogus "from" address, will the
> listserver filter me out as being "not a subscriber"? Would this screw
> up the threading or anything? And would people still be able to find my
> PGP key on the server? (I suppose I could add the phony address as an
> alias in my key if needed...)  Obviously people would not be able to
> send me off-list replies, but I see no problem with that.

Why not use a separate (but not totally bogus) address?  Does your MTA
support address suffixes such as scruloose-debian-user or
scruloose+debian-user?  Those are probably the easiest way to hide, and
you don't sacrifice that ability for others to contact you off-list.  If
no such suffixes are usable, you could still just get another email
address specifically for list subscriptions that only forwards to your
original address.  This still hides your real address without forging a
totally bogus address.

good times,
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